About Us

KOTS Boutique is a new space for fashion expression, for all women who want to highlight their uniqueness!

Our History

The company started operating in the field of women’s clothing from September 2020, in Kalamaria, Thessaloniki.

Giota Kotsasarlidou, having as a driving force the love and passion for fashion, after studying in the field of fashion and experience in Greek and multinational clothing companies, made her dream come true, creating the KOTS Boutique.


The main vision of KOTS Boutique is to highlight the uniqueness and personality of every woman, offering high quality clothes for all occasions. We are constantly evolving on the new fashion trends and focus on both comfort and elegance.

What makes us different? We understand your needs and we suggest you unique combinations of clothes and fashion tips that fit perfectly on you, creating separate total looks!


In KOTS Boutique you will also find our handmade accessories KOTS Hair Clips, to complete your chic outfit

Giota Kotsasarlidou